affably (affablyevil) wrote,

Vid: A Conviction of Angels

A Conviction of Angels
Vidder: affablyevil
Fandom: Supernatural
Warnings: Some visual spoilers up through season six. Violence, character death. Possible epilepsy warning.
Summary: "This isn't the first planetary enema we've delivered." When Zachariah traps Sam and Dean in an alternate universe where they are not themselves, they seek help from an old friend they haven't met yet.

for spn_reversebang

Download: Please check back!

Acknowledgements: All of my inestimable gratitude to architeuthis, who held my hand during every step of this process. This video wouldn't exist without your tireless patience, encouragement, and endlessly validating insight. Much love to thisbrain, who bribed me to submit my rough draft in the first place with champagne — or got me drunk enough to do it, I can't remember which anymore. To darkforetold for buoying my spirits at a time when I was feeling particularly down.

And to my writer, clay_roses who picked up the gauntlet with just a few days before most fic drafts were due: above and beyond. Your enthusiasm really made this project shine for me; thank you so very much. Everyone, go read her story and tell her how lovely she is.

Disclaimer: Supernatural is © 2005-2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., and the song "Another Radio Song" is © 2005 Jagjaguwar, written and performed by the band Okkervil River. This video is intended to be viewed under the (U.S.) Fair Use exemption policy as a recontextualized video and character study; that is, 1) noncommercial 2) transformative. No profit is being made and copyright infringement is unintended.
Tags: apocalypse how, cas will follow you until you love him, dean doesn't want to be the receptacle, despair event horizon inc., does this entry have enough tags yet?, going to special fangirl hell, groped by an angel, holy shit supernatural, i am not prepared!, i'm making a note here: huge success, it's the end of the world as we know it, joyvomit is pretty messy, m. night level douchiness, saving things hunting people, time for a surprise dance party, together they fight crime!, too pretty for god to let us die, yes this is a vid
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